shape it * dip it * colour it

​A unique and exciting way to capture a hand gesture in wax!

How creative can you be?

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About Us

Tracey and David

Hello and thank you for visiting our website.

About Us

We would like to introduce you to our 'Waxy Hands'

a fun and exciting way to get a keepsake sculpture of your own hand. 

Our journey began by making top quality bespoke candles.  We soon discovered that it was possible to create a wax mould of a person or couples hand, voila... Waxy Hands was born!

Within a few minutes a person can walk away with a wax mould of their own hand to treasure and keep.

shape it * dip it * colour it

We hope to see or hear from you soon.

Tracey and David

Pleasure Beach, Gt Yarmouth

Located next to the big blue roller coaster in Pleasure Beach. 

Open whenever the park is open. 

Our amazing wax artists here are

Abbie and Jack.

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Waxy Wagon

Our mobile trailer can be found at different locations, please check our

 'out and about' page for details.

Also available for weddings, parties, celebrations etc.

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Global Village, Dubai

Located in the European Pavilion, shop 35.

Open from 4pm - midnight Sat - Weds

Open 4pm - 1am Thurs and Fri

Monday is family and ladies day.

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Please call for more information

0333 358 3442