How It Works

Step 7

January 15, 2017

All hands are presented in a box for protection.

Step 6

February 14, 2017

Once the hand is off, you can then decide how you would like your hand to be coloured.

The Hand can be mounted on a stand.

Step 5

You are now able to pull your hand slowly but firmly out of your mould.

Slowly does it!

Step 4

Once the hand has been cast and the Wax Artist is happy with the finished look, a few holes will be pierced into the wax hand.  This is done with a special tool that eliminates any suction.

Step 3

Guided by our Wax Artist your hand will be dipped quickly into the warm wax and straight back into cold water. 

This process is repeated 3 times.

Our machines are digitally controlled and are therefore kept at the perfect temperature at all times.

Step 2

After giving your hand a good shake to eliminate as many of the drips as possible, hold your hand in whichever shape you have decided to create.

Step 1

The hand can be made singularly or in pairs. 

The hand is placed in cold water which contains lubricant and anti bac.

The hand is held in the water for approximately 10-15 seconds.

After Care

With a little tender loving care and common sense your new wax mould could last forever.

Never leave your mould over any source of heat, such as an open fire or radiator.

Do not leave in direct sunshine.

A coat of glaze can give your hands extra strength and durability.

If you plan on filling your hands, be sure to use casting plaster as this does not heat up.

Filling your hands will add weight and durability, plus bring out definition, particularly in white finished hands

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Our Machines

  • State of the art computer controlled
  • Independent Vat Temperatures
  • Solid state circuitry allows precise temperature control

  • Made in the USA
  • European Market Approved with CE Marking